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List of products by brand Wera

Wera Tools is the popular name for tool manufacturer, Wera Werkzeuge GmbH, Formally Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co KG of Wuppertal, Germany. It was founded in 1936. Wera Tools is known for its slogan “Be A Tool Rebel” which can be found on the packaging of many of their products.

We firmly believe that our tools make life simpler, safer and 'full of joy' for our users. We shall never be content with existing standards.

There are many screwdriving tools... But unlike others, we do not believe that tools have reached their ultimate stage of development. We are always searching for new ideas. We think differently. We question things. And in so doing, develop screwdriving tools such as the Zyklop ratchet and the Joker open-end wrench - tools that have turned the familiar into the ordinary.

750 passionate staff and a considerable degree of vertical manufacturing integration ensure an unmatched level of tool know-how.

We are available for you throughout the world and from among the more than 3,000 different tools, there is surely one that fits your needs. 750 Tool Rebels enjoy reinventing screwdriving tools every day and on working on problem solutions for you.“

We love innovations. We love design. We love rock 'n' roll. But despite all the fun, we are also successful. Our rate of complaints is more or less zero. We are delighted about the many commendations from our customers and are proud of our design awards.“

Wera 6001 Joker Switch 11 set of ratcheting combination wrenches (05020091001), 11 pcs.
Wera 6003 Joker 11 combination wrench set (05020231001), 11 pcs.
Wera 900 screwdriver Kraftform set (05133285001), 13 pcs.
Wera 6000/6002 Joker 6 ratcheting combination/double open-ended wrenches (05020022001), 6 pcs.
Wera toolkit Kraftform Kompakt W 1 (05135926001), 35 pcs.
Wera 932/6 Screwdriver Kraftform set (05018282001), 6 pcs.
Wera atsuktuvo ir galvučių rinkinys Kraftform Kompakt 62 (05059297001), 33 vnt.
Wera screwdriver set Kraftform Big Pack 300 (05105630001), 14 pcs
Wera screwdriver set Kraftform XXL 2 (05051011001), 12 pcs.
Wera Screwdriver Set Kraftform Big Pack 100 VDE (05105631001), 14 pcs.
Wera screwdriver set Kraftform XXL (05051010001), 12 pcs.
Wera screwdriver set 160 i/7 Kraftform Plus 100 (05006147001), 7 pcs.
Wera screwdriver set Kraftform Kompakt VDE 17 Universal 1 (05059030001), 17 pcs.
Quantity amount is good
Wera screwdriver set Kraftform Comfort VDE 1160 i/7 (05031575001), 7 pcs.
Wera screwdriver set Kraftform Kompakt VDE 16 extra slim 1 (05003484001), 16 pcs.
Wera kombinuotų raktų rinkinys 6003 Joker (05020230001), 5 vnt.
Wera Screwdriver Set Kraftform Micro 12 Universal 1 For Electronic Applications (05073675001), 12 pcs.
Wera screwdriver set Kraftform Kompakt Turbo i 1 (05057484001), 16 pcs.
Wera screwdriver and headset set Kraftform Kompakt 60 (05059295001), 17 pcs.
Wera ratchet, sockets and bit set Tool-Check PLUS (05056490001), 39 pcs
Wera Ratchet Screwdriver and bit set Kraftform Kompakt 27 RA 1 SB (05073660001), 7 pcs.
Quantity amount is good
Wera screwdriver, bits and L-keys Kraftform Kompakt 100 set (05057460001), 52 pcs.
Wera screwdriver set 160 i/162 i/167 i/9 Kraftform Plus Series 100 (05133355001), 9 pcs
Wera 6004 Joker M self-regulating wrench (05020103001)
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