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List of products by brand DeWalt

The history of professional American tools DEWALT dates back to 1923, when the company's founder Raymond DeWalt invented the first radial cutting machine.

The company grew rapidly in the production of radial cutting machines and woodworking machines, so in 1947 it was reorganized by renaming it DeWalt Inc. Still, the company traveled from one hand to the other until it was finally bought in 1960 by world-renowned tool maker Black & Decker. In order to distinguish its products from household and professional, the company renewed the DeWalt brand, which was focused on professionalism and high quality. Up to 200 different DeWalt tools are manufactured in 7 factories in the United States.

DeWalt tools have a 2-year warranty. You can find out if it is possible to extend the warranty period for another 1 year at: If possible, you must register the purchased product on the manufacturer's website within 1 month from the date of purchase. Warranty and post-warranty repair of tools is performed only by authorized DeWalt services, which are specified in the tool warranty card. More information:

Quantity amount is good
Diamond cutting disc DeWalt DT3741-XJ, 125 mm, 1 pcs
Quantity amount is good
Akumuliatorinis diskinis pjūklas DeWalt DCS570, 18 V Li-ion (be akumuliatoriaus ir įkrovėjo)
Workplace radio DeWalt DWST1-75659-QW, 10,8 - 18 V
Akumuliatorinis juostinis oblius DeWalt DCP580N, 18V XR, be akumuliatoriaus ir be įkroviklio, DeWalt
Quantity amount is good
Elektrinis diskinis pjūklas DWE576K 1600W 190 mm, DeWalt
Cordless rotary hammer DeWalt DCH133NT, 18 V + carrying case (without battery and charger)
Cordless planer DeWalt DCP580NT, 18 V (without battery and charger)
Cordless handheld wet & dry vacuum cleaner DeWalt DCV517N, 18 V (without battery and charger)
€211.99 €264.99
Akumuliatorinis suktuvas-gręžtuvas DeWalt DCF899NT (be akumuliatoriaus ir pakrovėjo)
Cordless impact wrench DeWalt DCF894P2 set, 18 V, 2 x 5 Ah, charger + carrying case
€348.99 €465.32
Cordless impact wrench DeWalt DCF899P2 set, 18 V, 2 x 5 Ah, charger + carrying case
Aku.Suktuvas-gręžtuvas DCD996NT-XJ (be akumuliatoriaus ir pakrovėjo), Dewalt
Cross line laser DeWalt DW088K set, 15 m, red
Cordless angle grinder DeWalt DCG412M2 set, 18 V
€174.99 €218.74
Quantity amount is good
Cordless driver DeWalt DCD790D2 set, 18 V, 2 x 2 Ah, charger + carrying case
Electric perforator dewalt D25134K-QS, 800 W, SDS-plus + suitcase T-STAK.
Quantity amount is good
Cordless driver DeWalt DCD771C2 set, 18 V, 2 x 1,3 Ah, charger + carrying case
Sauso-drėgno valymo siurblys DeWalt DCV584L; (be akumuliatoriaus ir pakrovėjo)
Pjūklelis tiesiniam pjūklui Dewalt DT2975-QZ, 430 mm
Combi laser DeWalt DCE089D1G set, green, 10,8 V
Cordless line laser DeWalt DCE0811D1 set, 10,8 V, 1 x 2 Ah, charger + carrying case
Cordless impact driver DeWalt DCD795D2 set, 18 V, 2 x 2 Ah, charger + carrying case
Elektrinis ekscentrinis šlifuoklis DeWalt DWE6423-QS, 280W, 125 mm
Alligator saw DeWalt DWE397-QS, 430 mm, 1700 W
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