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Tool cases and bags

Tool bag, Makita 83253-8, 35.6 cm.
Lagaminas TOUGHSYSTEM DS150 IP65 15 l 8 dėžutės, DeWalt
„DeWalt DWST7-97150 Toughsystem DS150“ putplasčio intarpas
Tool tray DeWalt T-STAK STANDARD
Bosch L-Boxx 102 carrying case insert for GDR 10.8 V, GSR 10.8 V and GSR 10.8-2 screwdrivers
Carrying case Bosch L-Boxx 238 (without insert)
Bosch L-Boxx 102 carrying case insert for GDR/GSR screwdrivers 10,8 V
Stanley Fatmax metal-plastic rolling workstation (1-95-622)
Stanley tool bag FatMax Round Top Rigid (FMST1-70749)
Quantity amount is good
Stanley FatMax wheeled tool bag (FMST1-80148)
Suitcase Makita Makpac Gr. 3 (P-02381).
Suitcase Makita Makpac Gr. 4 (P-02397).
Lagaminas Makita Makpac Gr. 2 (P-02375).
Suitcase Makita Makpac No. 1 (821549-5).
Suitcase Makita Makpac Gr. 1 (P-02369).
Folding trolley DeWalt Toughsystem (1-70-324)
Carrying case Bosch L-BOXX 374
Carrying case DeWalt T-STAK DWST83344-1
DeWalt įrankių dėžė T-STAK Combo (DWST83395-1).
Quantity amount is good
Carrying case DeWalt T-STAK DWST83345-1
DeWalt T-STAK cooler trolley box with telescopic handle and wheels DWST83281-1, 28 l, IP54
Stanley Fatmax tool bag (FMST1-71180)
Stanley rolling tool box (STST1-80150)
Quantity amount is good
Stanley tool box Fatmax (1-93-935)
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